Meet the talented team behind the FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar experience. Passionate about the food served and the dining experience, they aim to make your Firelake dining experience truly memorable.

Meet our very own Head Chef, Oliver Brearley

Having been raised in the art of cooking by his chef mum, Oliver was destined for culinary greatness. From his mum’s kitchen and his training at Thomas Danby College right here in Leeds, he continued to hone his talents at busy gastropubs and hotel restaurants.

Oliver is all about simplicity with a twist. A purist at heart, he’ll add a subtle, personal touch to every dish before salt. Whilst still partial to his mum’s lasagne, his all-time favourite meal to cook and eat is the Pork Treat on the menu at FireLake, a mouth-watering combination of smoked cheek, slow roasted belly pork and a braised head fritter.

This Leeds restaurant quite simply wouldn’t be the same without Oliver and his commitment to making every ingredient stand out.

FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar offers exceptional cocktails executed by some of the best mixologists in Leeds

Introducing Master Mixologist, Tom Petr

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Tom brings an international flavour to FireLake’s bar. His optimism is infectious and his showmanship thoroughly entertaining.

Tom’s passion for craft cocktails was developed working on the Disney Cruise Line and perfected by studying the history and trends of the trade. The cocktail menu reflects his love of the unique as he plays with smoke to intensify the taste.

An affinity for the classics and a meticulous mind when it comes to presentation is what Tom brings to the bar table. He is an artist and the empty glass is his canvas.

Less may be more, but not when it comes to Tom and his crafted cocktails.